Critical Cleaning Dry Wipes

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Staticide® Microfiber Wipes

8409MF – Staticide® Microfiber Wipes

The ACL Staticide® Microfiber Wipe is an excellent choice for critical task cleaning. This hydro-entangled split microfiber provides the best pick-up and removal of contaminants, whether used wet or dry.

Staticide® Microdenier Wipes

8299MD – Staticide® Microdenier Wipes

The highest standard for critical cleaning. The unique fabric attracts and holds contaminants within its wedge-like structure.

Low-Lint Wipes

LL – Low-Lint Wipes

Excellent value for industrial cleaning. These low particle wipes remain soft and strong whether used dry or wet.

Heavy Duty Low Lint Wipes

LF50 – Heavy Duty Low Lint Wipes

Exceptional all-purpose performance that is suitable for tough jobs in any workshop or manufacturing facility.

Critical Cleaning Presaturated Wipes

IPA Cleaning Wipes

7600 – IPA Cleaning Wipes

IPA Cleaning Wipes from ACL are the perfect choice for all general cleaning applications where removing contaminants are of concern.