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Anti-Static Mats

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58000, 59000 – Gemini

Gemini static dissipative 2-ply work surface material yields high value and an economical price. The material is so reliable that we warranty the electricals for the lifetime of the mat.


62000, 66000 – SpecMat-H

SpecMat-H homogeneous work surface offers dissipative volume resistance.


Staticide® – Dualmat™

The DualmatTM was developed to conform to the most stringent ESD and lead-free requirements. The material is so reliable that we warranty the electricals for the lifetime of the mat.

ACL ESD Floor Vinyl, Chair Mats

6800 Series – ACL ESD Floor Vinyl, Chair Mats

ACL conductive floor runners and chair mats provide ESD protection and static control.

Anti-Static Cleaners

Mat & Table Top Cleaner

6001 – Mat & Table Top Cleaner

ACL Mat & Table Top Cleaner is a multi-purpose neutral cleaner that is designed for production areas including static control zones.

ACL Plastic & Glass Cleaner

8670 – ACL Plastic & Glass Cleaner

This foaming, non-streaking, static-neutralizing cleaner will not generate static even while using. Safe to use on plastics.

Staticide® IPA

8625 – Staticide® IPA

Perfect choice for all general cleaning applications where removing contaminants are of concern.

ESD Wastebasket

Staticide® Static Dissipative Wastebasket

5075 – Staticide® Static Dissipative Wastebasket

Avoid generating static by using an anti-static wastebasket in your company's ESD sensitive area.

Wastebasket Liners

– Wastebasket Liners

Reduce tribogeneration with anti-static trash liners


Staticide® Microfiber Cloth

MFC – Staticide® Microfiber Cloth

Reusable optical cleaning wipe that is good for cleaning delicate equipment without the use of chemicals.