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Mighty Mask


Mighty Mask

Peelable Solder Masking Agent

ACL Mighty Mask is a fast curing, temporary masking agent designed for a variety of electronics manufacturing applications. It safeguards component-free areas on PCBs during soldering and on components during conformal coating processes.

A special heat-resistant compound is added to the latex to provide short-term, high-temperature protection up to 510F which makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive components in hand and wave soldering. In some environments, Mighty Mask's swift cure time allows for
usable, tack-free mask in 20 minutes.

This plastic-safe, peelable solder mask removes easily by hand or with tweezers without leaving contaminating or corrosive residues. It is compatible with all cleaning solvents and flux types.

  • Compatible with rosin, lead-free, and water-soluble fluxes
  • Dries fast, peels off easily
  • Leaves no residue or contaminants
  • Heat stable to: 510F (265C)
  • Non-corrosive and safe for metals
  • RoHS compliant
  • Made in USA

Please be aware of extended lead times during winter.

ACL only ships solder mask on Mondays and Tuesdays during the winter months due to limited freeze cycles. In cases of extreme temperature and weather patterns, a shipping halt may occur.

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Product #86918oz (236g) squeeze bottle; 12 per case

Product Datasheet (PDF)

Safety Datasheet (PDF)

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