Acl 795

ACL Staticide 795 Calibration Box

For Testing 750 and 780 Meters

The ACL 795 Calibration Box is designed to quickly and easily verify whether the ACL 750 or ACL 780 Combo-Tester is operating within specifications. This product can be used as one of the tools to comply with ANSI/ESDA S20.20 paragraph “Compliance Verification Plan.”

Not all calibration boxes are the same. This unit uses 1% resistors so testers can be checked with high accuracy. This unit saves time and money by allowing a company with multiple combo tester units to calibrate their systems themselves and not have to send testers to outside calibration houses. The company can send the calibration box to ACL annually for a calibration that is traceable to NIST.

  • Wrist Straps Test range: .75M, 10M, 35M
  • Footwear Test range: .75M, 35M, 100M
  • Special for 1000M units Test range: 20M , 35M, 1000M
  • NIST traceable
  • No power source required
  • Uses 1% resisters
ACL 795Includes test box, one banana-to-banana cable, and one banana-to-banana stack split cable.