White Clean Room Mat

Contaminate-Free and ESD-Safe

ACL’s White Clean Room Mat is designed for bench tops and grounded work surfaces used in electrostatic-protected areas where contamination is a concern. Comprised of static dissipative homogenous materials, the White Clean Room Mat allows for stable surface and volume resistance with no outgassing.

White Clean Room Mat’s non-curling elastomeric material is resistant to solder, heat, and most common solvents. While it provides the ESD protection of other dissipative mats, the special non-outgassing formulation makes it ideal for ISO Class 5 / Class 100 cleanroom environments.

The non-outgassing formulation makes it ideal for ISO Class 5 / Class 100 cleanroom environments where contamination is an issue and ESD protection is required. This RoHS compliant material is free from halogens, lead, arsenic, barium, heavy metals, phthalate plasticizers, vinyl monomer, asbestos, formaldehyde, antimony, chromium, cadmium, and other dangerous volatiles.

  • Suitable for ISO 5 / Class 100 cleanrooms
  • Industrial-grade cross-linked rubber
  • 107 - 108 ohms, ohm per cm RTG, RTT, Vol R
  • .05 second decay time
  • Single layer, .07" (1.78mm) thickness
  • Embossed finish reduces light glare and parts slippage
  • Withstands high temperatures, solder, flux, and harsh chemicals
  • Low outgassing and VOC
8485CRW244024" x 40' x 0.07" (1.78 mm)
8485CRW304030" x 40' x 0.07" (1. 78mm)
8485CRW484048" x 40' x 0.07" (1. 78mm)