Static Control Instruments

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ACL offers a family of instrumentation for static detection and industrial static control: Field meters for measuring static fields and locating static problems, surface resistivity meters for auditing and maintenance assurance, and personal grounding testers for measuring wrist straps and heel grounders.

Field Meters

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Digital Static Locator

350 – Digital Static Locator

ACL's heavy duty digital field meter indicates electrostatic field voltage and polarity on charged objects. This pocket-sized meter reliably measures static charges on stationary objects 0 – 40,000 volts at 4".

Resistivity Meters

Surface Resistivity Meter

380 – Surface Resistivity Meter

The ACL 380 handheld meter has a wider ranging LED display than typical pocket-sized units allowing for test results to show a closer indication to the measurement value.

Surface Resistivity Meter

395 – Surface Resistivity Meter

Using the same display as the ACL 380, the ACL 395 uses more sophisticated parts for even greater precision and accuracy.

Digital Megohmmeter

800 – Digital Megohmmeter

ACL 800 tester shows test results in actual values rather than logarithmic scale. Measures resistance, resistivity, temperature, and humidity with one push of one button, making the ACL 800 the ideal megohmmeter for auditing.

Digital Megohmmeter

880 – Digital Megohmmeter

ACL's most accurate resistance meter, the 880 digital high-precision resistance audit kit shows test results in actual values rather than logarithmic scale. Ideal for measuring point-to-point (RTT) and resistance-to-ground (RTG) resistance tests in electrostatic protected areas.

Resistance Probes

Dual Point Pen Probe

806 – Dual Point Pen Probe

A convenient instrument for measuring resistance between two points in small areas where 5-lb probes don't fit. Compatible with any ACL resistivity meter or megohmmeter.

Concentric Pen Probe

807 – Concentric Pen Probe

This miniature concentric ring probe allows for small areas to be measured for surface resistance in accordance to ANSI/ESD STM11.11-2006 when connected to a resistivity meter or megohmmeter.

Personal Grounding Testers

Combo Tester

750 – Combo Tester

The 750 can pass/fail wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously and send actual resistance readings to a PC for data storage and reporting.

Economy Combo Tester

780 – Economy Combo Tester

Save time and money with the ACL 780 tester by testing grounding straps for both feet and wrist simultaneously. This simple meter will indicate resistance with a "high", "low" or "pass" signal.