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Staticide® Microfiber Wipes

Staticide® Microfiber Wipes

Soft and Durable Critical Cleaning Wipes

The ACL Staticide® Microfiber Wipe is an excellent choice for critical task cleaning. Having four times the filaments of ordinary microfiber wipes, this hydro-entangled split microfiber provides the best pick-up and removal of contaminants, whether used wet or dry.

The ultrasonic technology used to seal the edges of this clean room wiper not only increases particle and fiber retention better than wipers using laser technology, it also provides a superior no-scratch border. Together, the soft edge and texture prevent damage caused by wiping, even on critical scratch sensitive surfaces.

Whether used for wet or dry applications, the fabric will remain soft and durable. Chemical solvents like isopropyl alcohol will not break down the material, making this critical cleaning wipe an indispensable staple in any contamination control program.

  • hydro-entangled material made from a 80% polyester/20% nylon blend
  • Binder-free; no chemical residue
  • Ultra-low particle and fiber release
  • High durability strength and liquid absorbancy
  • Suitable for ISO Class 5 (Class 100) environments
Product #8404MF4"x4" wipes; 600 per bag; 5 bags per case
Product #8409MF9"x9" wipes; 150 per bag; 6 bags per case

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