ESD Wearables

ESD Wearables


ACL ESD Wearables provide optimal grounding in electrostatic protected areas (EPAs), static control and comfort for even the most stringent environments.

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Grounding Heel Strap

ACL provides both heel grounders and heel straps for protection in Electrical Protected Areas (EPA). Both are easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Personal grounding wrist straps

ESD Wrist Straps

ACLs wrist straps act as personal grounding solutions that provide a safe path for eliminating static charges while working on electronics.

Personal grounding wrist strap cords

ESD Wrist Strap Cords

To use in tandem with ACLs wrist straps, ACLs wrist strap cords offer a safe grounding path once plugged in.

Hi Tech Hand Lotion


Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion encourages better wrist strap contact without sacrificing good skin health.

ESD gloves

ESD Gloves

Staticide® ESD Knit and Nitrile Gloves comfortably protect against static discharge with their natural static protection.

Anti-static finger cot

ESD Finger Cots

Staticide® Latex and ESD Finger Cots provide superior cost-effective static and contaminant protection.