ESD Workbench

Grounding Hardware

ACL grounding hardware products are essential for electrically interconnecting ESD technical elements within an ESD-protected area (EPA). ACL offers reliable grounding systems, cables, and hardware for ESD mats, flooring, and other ESDS items.

ACL 8090 14


Mat Grounding Cord

The 8090 Mat Ground Cord offers a simple and clean connection between the mat and ground source.

ACL 8091 14 KO


Common Point Ground Cord

The 8091 Common Point Mat Ground Cord offers two plug-in points for wrist straps while connecting mats to a ground source.

8092 22


Bench Mount Ground Cord

The 8092 Bench Mount Ground Cord attaches under a workbench and offers two docking points for wrist straps.

ACL 8010 8025 3

Snap Fasteners

Create a grounding point for ESD-safe dissipative mats.



Universal Grounding Cord

All-purpose ground cord with four conversion adapters.



Pres-N-Snap Tool

Heavy duty clamping tool for attaching grounding point snaps on ESD-safe dissipative mats.