Contamination Control

Critical Cleaning Dry Wipes

Staticide® Microfiber and Microdenier Wipes are excellent choices for critical cleaning. Their unique fabrics provide the best pick-up and removal of contaminants.

Staticide® Microfiber Wipes

Staticide® Microfiber Wipes

The ACL Staticide® Microfiber Wipe is an excellent choice for critical task cleaning. This hydro-entangled split microfiber provides the best pick-up and removal of contaminants, whether used wet or dry.

Staticide® Microdenier Wipes


Staticide® Microdenier Wipes

The highest standard for critical cleaning. The unique fabric attracts and holds contaminants within its wedge-like structure.

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Staticide® Polyester Knit Wipes

100% pure polyester knit wipers for special applications requiring no lint or fiber loss. Ideal for critical environment and process cleaning.