Static Control Flooring

Anti-Static Floor Finishes

Our Staticide® dissipative floor finishes are the perfect option for companies with standard vinyl (VCT), linoleum, ESD tile, or epoxy. ACL has a variety of floor finishes to provide static protection to meet your companies needs.

ACL 4000 22


Staticide® Acrylic

High solids, value-added dissipative floor finish that protects your sensitive manufacturing areas at an economical price. Ideal for companies required to do frequent or annual stripping.

Staticide Ultra


Staticide® Ultra

Long-lasting finish provides static protection for up to 24 months without stripping. Best choice for companies needing long-term performance and durability.

ACL 4800 22 1


Staticide® Ultra II

Made with advanced acrylic polymers to allow superior adhesion and static control for out-of-warranty ESD floors and other special surfaces. This long-life floor finish will revitalize shine and electrical properties of old ESD tile.

700 4018 22


Staticide® Acrylic 18

Low-cost method of protecting sensitive manufacturing areas from ESD. Ideal for companies required to do frequent cleaning.

Ant-Static Floor Stripper Bottle


Staticide® Anti-Static Floor Stripper

Staticide® Anti-Static Floor Stripper removes multiple coats of wax and synthetic floor finishes quickly and efficiently while lifting embedded dirt from the floor.

Anti-Static Restorer Cleaner


Staticide® Restorer Cleaner

Use Restorer Cleaner for cleaning heavily trafficked areas to extend cleaning cycles. This specialized cleaner will restore the gloss and revitalize the protective properties of ACL floor finishes.