ESD Workbench

ESD Workbench


ACL ESD Workbench products are designed for the electrostatic protected areas (EPA). From dissipative mats to protective cleaners, these ESD essentials control and guard against static harm.

Anti Static Mats

Anti-Static Mats

ACL anti-static work surface mats and chair mats provide ESD protection and are resistant against solder, heat, and most common solvents.

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Grounding Hardware

ACL grounding hardware products are essential for electrically interconnecting ESD technical elements within an ESD-protected area (EPA). ACL offers reliable grounding systems, cables, and hardware for ESD mats, flooring, and other ESDS items.

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Anti-Static Cleaners

ACL offers a variety of anti-static cleaners for both your static control zones and general cleaning needs.

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ESD Containers and Trays

ESD-Safe containers and trays for static sensitive parts. Static control containers are often used for the packaging, transport, and storage of electronic parts and components to prevent damage caused by static. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) and printed board assemblies (PCBAs) are also transported from one area to another using special conductive trays.

ESD wastebasket

ESD Wastebasket

Avoid generating static by using an anti-static wastebasket in your companys ESD sensitive area.