Anti-Static Coatings

Staticide® Ready-to-Use Anti-Static Topicals

Proven effective after years of use in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities, Staticide® has become a trusted name in static protection and the closest thing there is to “static control insurance”.

Anti-static topicals are easy-to-use solutions that reduce static electricity. Staticide® anti-stats decay static to a zero charge faster than any other anti-static topical on the market. Unlike other anti-static topicals, Staticide® Concentrate is formulated to be effective independent of relative humidity.

Heavy Duty Staticide Family of Products


Heavy Duty Staticide®

Use this ready-to-use topical antistat for cleaning industrial parts like conveyor systems to control static and for preventing tribogeneration on porous materials such as foam, carpet, and upholstery.

General Purpose Staticide Family of Products


General Purpose Staticide®

This convenient and ready-to-use anti-static topical cleaner eliminates static to a zero charge and prevents tribogeneration on non-porous surfaces such as plastic materials and product packaging.

Anti-static Wipes


Staticide® Anti-Static Wipes

Get the performance of General Purpose Staticide® in a convenient wipe.

ACL 5001 23a


Staticide® Clean Room

Staticide® Clean Room is an economical anti-static cleaning formula that is sodium- and chloride-free. It eliminates static electricity on floors, chairs, work surfaces, glass, plastics, and other static-prone materials.

Staticide® Static Sentry Spray


Staticide® Static Sentry

Staticide® Static Sentry uses the same proven effective surfactants as our Staticide® Original Concentrate for static decay. Static Sentry is specially packaged in a convenient aerosol can for easy application.