PCB Basics

ACL PCB basics are indispensable in PCB production, rework and prototyping. These high purity solvents and component protection products are economical, dependable, and safe for the development and repair of electronics, electrical assemblies, and sensitive components.

ACL 7600 700

Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaners

Perfect choice for all general cleaning applications where removing contaminants are of concern.

Precision Cleaner Dusters

Precision Dusters

The high-performance, high-pressure duster that cleans electronics without scratching delicate surfaces

Anti-Static Cleaners, PCB Cleaners

Anti-Static Cleaners

ACL Staticide® products are engineered to protect electronic equipment and work spaces from tribogeneration while cleaning and reconditioning. Our anti-static cleaners are plastic-safe and ozone-safe.

Component Protection Products

Component Protection Products

Products providing protection for during soldering and desoldering of PCB components.

ACL Conformal Coatings

Conformal Coatings

ACL Conformal Coatings are engineered for applications in aerospace, marine manufacturing, electrical equipment, instrumentation and data communication. It provides printed circuit board and flex circuit protection by withstanding severe environmental stress, thermal shock, mold and fungus attack.

Precision Lubricants

Precision Lubricants

Like our cleaning solvents, our lubricating cleaners use the extremely pure chemicals in the formulations. These unique two-in-one products provide consistent and reliable performance true to the Staticide name.

Electronic Cleaners and Degreasers

Electronic Cleaners and Degreasers

These high purity formulations remove environmental contaminants and protect contacts from corrosion and frictional wear. Contact cleaners restore electrical continuity to all electronic and electrical contacts by penetrating and removing insulating oil and grease, conductive carbon soil, and insulative oxides from contact surfaces. Most aerosols can be sprayed in any direction.

ACL Precision Flux Removers

Precision Flux Removers

Flux removal is critical to ensure reliable circuitry. In addition to being unsightly, some flux residues can contribute to short circuits, corrosion, and degrading of the printed circuit board. The type of flux to be removed, solvent compatibility, and ease of application are all factors to consider when choosing a flux remover.

ACLs flux remover aerosols can be sprayed in any direction and are specially formulated to remove various flux types such as rosin, no-clean, water soluble, and synthetic.