Product Videos

ACL Staticide Company Video

For more than 50 years, ACL Staticide has been a trusted supplier of static control and specialized cleaning products. Our name is synonymous with quality, reliability, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

8802 - Pres-n-Snap Tool - For Attaching Grounding Snaps

The heavy duty Pres-n-Snap tool is ideal for attaching 10mm female snaps to ESD mats. The heat-treated cast aluminum body is lightweight and durable.

306 Two-Point Resistance Checker - Ideal for ESD Packaging

Portable and lightweight, this indicator is perfect for testing ESD packaging with nooks, recesses or any small space on the assembly line.

7010 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer - Personal Portable Protection

ACL’s Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer is an essential item for the field service toolkit. Ideal for on-the-go hand sanitizing in the field, office, or on the road.

Introducing ESD Shielding Bags

Our NEW ESD Shielding Bags prevent charge buildup and keep electrical components safe from electrostatic discharge.

How to Use IPA Clean Swabs

A guide on how to use ACL Staticide IPA Clean Swabs. These highly absorbent low-lint swabs are equipped with an isopropyl alcohol-filled handle for convenient critical cleaning applications.

ACL Staticide® ESD Finger Cots

Latex and nitrile ESD Finger Cots designed for various static control applications. Ideal for EPAs and other static-sensitive areas.

ACL Staticide® IPA Clean Swab

IPA Clean Swab is an alcohol-filled, all-purpose swab made with high-solvent capacity foam wrapped in ultra-low particle material. Ideal for critical cleaning and holding contaminants.

Understanding Flux Removers with ACL Staticide®

Successfully removing flux residue can mean the difference between a functioning circuit board and an ineffective one. In this "On the Bench" video, ACL Staticide explains the purposes of flux removers and demonstrates their use.

8624 A4 All Purpose Flux Remover & Cleaner

This environmentally friendly, extra strength solvent eliminates residues and layers of encrusted baked-on fluxes. The flux remover and cleaner is a great replacement for AK 225 and HCFC 141b solvents.

ACL Staticide Turbo Blast Precision Duster

8640 Turbo Blast is an ozone-safe, non-flammable, moisture-free precision duster. Filtered to 0.2 microns, Turbo Blast is 100% ultra-pure HFC-134a and leaves no residue.

How to Apply a Dissipative Floor Finish

Protect work environments against static damages. Learn how to apply an ACL Staticide Dissipative Floor Finish on standard vinyl (VCT), linoleum, ESD tile, and epoxy.

Cómo aplicar el acabado de suelo disipativo de ACL Staticide

Este video le instruirá sobre cómo aplicar el acabado de suelo disipativo de ACL Staticide para que pueda proteger su ambiente de trabajo en contra de daños de estática.

ACL Staticide: Intro to ESD

ESD prevention plays a critical role in quality control programs in sensitive device manufacturing. Learn more about static control from this introductory video.