Static Control Instruments

Resistance Probes

Accessory probes for measuring resistance when used with megohmmeters. Made in USA.

5lb resistance probe

ACL 255

5-lb Resistance Electrodes

Five pound electrodes are used with meters for making point-to-point (RTT) and resistance-to-ground (RTG) tests according to ESDA standards.

Dual point pen probe


Dual Point Pen Probe

A convenient instrument for measuring resistance between two points in small areas where 5-lb probes don't fit. Compatible with any ACL resistivity meter or megohmmeter.

Concentric point pen probe


Concentric Point Pen Probe

This miniature concentric ring probe allows for small areas to be measured for surface resistance in accordance to ANSI/ESD STM11.11-2006 when connected to a resistivity meter or megohmmeter.

Meter accessory kit

ACL 396

Meter Accessory Kit

Accessory Kit for the ACL 395 Resistance Checker