Staticide ESD Polycoat Paint
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Wireless body voltage monitor

ACL Traction Mat

ACL Traction Mat
Conductive Floor Protection

ACL 306

Two-Point Resistance Checker

Specialists in Static Control Products and PCB Cleaning and Repair Chemicals

Anti-Static Coatings

ACL offers two types of coatings for static control. Staticide topicals eliminate electrostatic attraction (ESA) on all types of materials. Staticide ESD Safety Shield controls static by creating a dissipative surface and preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD).

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ESD Workbench

ACL ESD Workbench products are designed for electrostatic protected areas (EPA). From dissipative mats to protective cleaners, these ESD essentials control and guard against static harm.

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ESD Wearables

ACL ESD Wearables provide optimal grounding in electrostatic protected areas (EPAs). All products offer static control and comfort for even the most stringent environments.

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Static Control Flooring

Static control flooring is essential for electrostatic protected areas (EPA), static-controlled work areas, data centers, and warehouses. ACL flooring products provide proper electricals and are reliable and convenient to use.

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Static Control Instruments

ACL's range of static detection and industrial static control devices give technicians the tools for measuring static environments, fixtures, and personal controls. Managers can count on repeatable and reliable readings with every instrument.

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ESD Packaging

ACL Staticide's ESD-safe Metal-In Static Shielding Bags safeguard sensitive components from electrostatic discharge. Metal-In styles include open top and resealable.

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PCB Basics

ACL PCB basics are indispensable in the production of printed circuit boards, rework, repair and prototyping. These high purity solvents and component protection products are economical, dependable, and safe for the development and repair of electronics, and electrical assemblies.

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Contamination Control

Staticide® Microfiber and Microdenier Wipes are excellent choices for critical cleaning. Their unique fabrics provide the best pick-up and removal of contaminants.

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Highly Effective, Premium Products You Can Trust

ACL Staticide® has been a trusted supplier to electronics manufacturers for over 50 years with products for the automotive, avionics, medical device, plastics, and telecommunications industries. From highly regarded static control products designed for ESD-protected areas, to contamination control products for critical environments, to enhanced precision preparation products for PCB rework, repair, and prototyping, ACL Staticide® is a worldwide leader.

Recognized for performance, quality, and innovation, ACL Staticide is dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

ISO Certification

Watch Our Product Videos

ACL Staticide Company Video

ACL Staticide Company Video

For more than 50 years, ACL Staticide has been a trusted supplier of static control and specialized cleaning products. Our name is synonymous with quality, reliability, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

IPA Cleaning Wipes

IPA Cleaning Wipes

PA Cleaning Wipes are an essential work bench companion for the removal of solder pastes, inks, adhesives, and flux residues.

StatIQ Arm Band Monitor

StatIQ Arm Band Monitor

ACL Staticide is offering this unique state-of-the-art monitoring system for companies requiring real time traceability for their most on-the-go employees within electrostatic protected areas (EPA).

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