Static Control Flooring

Floor Paint

ACL offers ESD paint for static control. For companies looking for an ESD coating for concrete, we offer two types of static control paint.

ACL 4400 Can Pail 23


Staticide® ESD Polycoat Paint

Achieve superior static control with ACL Staticide's no-drip ESD water-based polyurethane paint for coating concrete, wood, and drywall.

ACL 6700 5tiles 21


Staticide® ESD Paint PLUS

The 6700 water-based acrylic coating offers static control in a variety of colors.

ACL 4700 SS5


Staticide® Diamond ESD Paint

Dark Gray ESD acrylic coating provides economical static control.

This product is currently unavailable.

4040 1 Gallon 2024


Universal Cleaner Concentrate

Staticide Universal Cleaner Concentrate is the go-to industrial cleaner, degreaser, and surface preparation solution for ESD paint including the 4400 Staticide ESD Polycoat Paint.

Neutral Cleaner Concentrate Bottle


Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

Staticide® Neutral Cleaner is a low-foaming, multipurpose maintenance cleaner. There is no filming or streaking when cleaning with this unique formula, making it the perfect product for any type of facility, including ESD-safe areas.

Ready-to-Use Neutral Cleaner


Neutral Cleaner Ready-to-Use

Made from 4020 Neutral Cleaner, the 4030 formula is ready to use with no mixing necessary.

ACL 10 R 1


ACL 10R Primer

ACL 10R provides enduring protection against water penetration damage on a variety of surfaces including non-sealed concrete.