4040 1 Gallon 2024 4040 5 Gallon 2024 4040 55 Gallon 2024
4040 1 Gallon 2024 4040 5 Gallon 2024 4040 55 Gallon 2024

Universal Cleaner Concentrate

Powerful Degreaser for ESD Paint

Staticide Universal Cleaner Concentrate is the preferred choice for industrial cleaning and surface preparation. This adaptable cleaner effectively removes dirt and grease, showing exceptional performance on delicate surfaces such as ESD tile, epoxy, and paint. Its non-abrasive formulation and neutral pH balance provides protection against damage and corrosion for various surfaces. This indispensable cleaner is perfect for readying concrete surfaces for paint application, ensuring proper adhesion, and maintaining the 4400 Staticide ESD Polycoat Paint.

  • Powerful degreaser
  • No phosphate, ammonia, or bleach
  • Neutral pH
  • Dilution ratio 5:1 (5 part water to 1 part cleaner)
  • Safe for ESD tile, epoxy, and paint
  • Covers approximately 5000 square feet per diluted gallon

Ingredient Communication Statement

Water (7732-18-5) Solvent

Glycol Ether EB (111-76-2) Degreaser

Citric Acid (77-92-9) Emulsifier

Ethanolamine (141-43-5) Degreaser

Citrus Terpenes (5989-27-5) Degreaser

Product #4040-11-gallon container; 4 per case
Product #4040-55-gallon pail