ESD Workbench

Anti-Static Mats

ACL anti-static work surface mats and chair mats provide ESD protection and are resistant against solder, heat, and most common solvents.

ACL Supreme Mat ROLL closeup 22 2

Supreme Mat

The Supreme Mat is a dual-layer, static dissipative material alternative that is specifically designed for repeated high heat applications and solvent exposure.

Dualmat Work Surface



The Dualmat® was developed to conform to the most strict ESD and lead-free requirements. The material is so reliable that we warranty the electricals for the lifetime of the mat.

Spec Mat H Work Surface

62000, 66000


SpecMat-H homogeneous work surface offers dissipative volume resistance.

Traction Mat 23

600 Series

ESD Traction Floor Mat

ACL Staticide conductive rubber floor mats provide ESD protection with high-traction for environments that need slip-resistance and reliable static control.

Trays 23

Dualmat® II Tray Liners

The Dualmat II Tray Liners are made from the same remarkable material as the Dualmat® 0.06 material. Durable, reliable and available in custom sizes.

Tri Mat 3 LAYR drawing



TriMat is a three-layer, dissipative work surface with a conductive interior. 3mm thickness for extra cushion.

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Dualmat® Workbench Kits

The Dualmat ESD Workbench Kits provide a great starting point for building an ESD-safe grounding system for handling electronics, rework, and repair.

6306800 wchair 700

630 Series

ACL Staticide® Conductive Flooring, Chair Mats

ACL conductive floor runners and chair mats provide ESD protection and static control.

Anti Fatigue Mat

610 Series

Staticide Anti-Fatigue ESD Mat

ACL Staticide Anti-Fatigue ESD floor mats provide cushioned ESD protection for the worker required to stand for long periods.