7275 RBM2416 RE Large Tray 22 7375 DGYM2416 RE Large Tray 22 7275 RBM813 RE Small Tray 22 7375 DGYM1813 RE Small Tray 22 Tray blue Rsz gray 3
7275 RBM2416 RE Large Tray 22

Dualmat® II Tray Liners

Static Dissipative Tray Liners

Dualmat II Tray Liners are made from 2-ply chemically cross-linked rubber material. The material is inherently dissipative on the top side and conductive on the bottom side. The material will not exudate, outgas, or lose its electrical properties. The embossed surface reduces parts slippage and light glare. The durable material is resistant against solder, heat, and most common solvents.

Using no vinyl monomers or DOP, the Dualmat ensures conformity to personal and environmental safety standards. Fully compliant to REACH, Dualmat II Tray Liners do not use candidates on the SvHC in its manufacture.

  • Two layers; conductive bottom, dissipative top
  • Top side resistance measures 106 – 108 ohms
  • Bottom side resistance measures less than 5x10e5 ohms
  • Static decay of .05 seconds
  • Electricals are warranted for the lifetime of the mat
  • Ideal for companies using ANSI/ESDA S20.20
  • Embossed surface
  • Low outgassing; low VOC
  • UV additives provide color stability
  • Made in USA
  • Custom cut sizes available
  • Thickness; 0.06" (1.5mm) available in Royal Blue and Dark Gray
Product #7275RBM2416RE24" x 16" x .06" (1.53mm) Royal Blue
Product #7375DGYM2416RE24" x 16" x .06" (1.53mm) Dark Gray

Part numbers for precut mats vary.
6"x 6" samples available.