Contamination Control

Critical Cleaning Swabs

ACL provides a variety of knit and foam swabs for the critical cleaning of small and hard-to-reach areas.

IPA Cleaning Swab Tip


IPA Clean Swab

Clean and remove oils, contaminants, and adhesives with this self-saturating alcohol swab. The tip utilizes medical-grade foam wrapped in microfiber for high absorbency and cleanliness. Clean, pure, and convenient.

Polyester Knit Swab

7060, 7232, 7255

Polyester Knit Swab

Robust and reliable for clean room applications

Foam Swab Wide-Paddle Tip

7020, 7022. 7240

Foam Swabs

Medical-grade foam with superior solvent capacity

ESD Microfiber Foam Swab


ESD Microfiber Foam Swab

ESD-safe and and exceptionally clean for critical cleaning