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Polyester Knit Swab

Polyester Knit Swab

Reliable precision cleaning

ACL's Polyester Knit Swab is ideal for environments that need critical cleaning and durability. Constructed of double-layer polyester knit, the elongated tip removes IPA, acetone, and other solvents from tight crevices and hard-to-reach places.

This non-abrasive, lint-free swab is low in fiber NVR, ion content, and particulate generation. The swab's robust material can withstand agitation and is compatible with most solvents and flux removers. It can be used for cleaning validation and preventing cross contamination.

Ideal for medical device and electronics manufacturing, environmental labs, and forensics.

  • Class 10 laundered and packaged
  • ISO Class 4-5 compatible
  • Absorbent
  • Ultra-low particle; lint-free
  • Free of silicon, amides, and DOP contamination
  • Double-layer polyester knit tip
  • Ultrasonically welded; no adhesives or binders
  • Blue polypropylene handles have a resistance of 10e8 - 10e10 ohms
  • White handle is non-ESD polypropylene
Product #7060100 swabs per bag; 10 bags per case
Product #7232100 swabs per bag; 10 bags per case
Product #7255500 swabs per bag; 2 bags per case