8799 Poly Knit Wipes

Staticide® Polyester Knit ESD Wipes

Superior Cleanliness with Static Control

ACL Staticide’s anti-static Polyester Knit ESD Wipes feature tear-resistant construction of high-strength continuous filament polyester yarn formed in a double-knit, no-run interlock pattern. The added carbon threads protect against tribogeneration and provide reliable static control for static-sensitive environments.

The double-knit wipes are equipped with a laser-sealed edge on all sides, ensuring optimal fiber and particle retention. Their ultra-clean, abrasion-resistant, and absorbent characteristics make them ideal for wiping critical surfaces in cleanrooms. The soft texture is gentle on scratch-sensitive surfaces, and the wipes are compatible with isopropyl alcohol and other cleaning solvents.

Ideal for ISO Class 3-5 (Class 10-100) cleanrooms and static sensitive environments conforming to ANSI/ESD S20.20.

  • 100% pure polyester
  • Soft-sealed laser edges
  • Surface resistance according to STM11.11: 1 x 10e6-10e8 ohm/sq
  • Static decay (MIL-STD-3010 Method 4046): < 2 seconds
  • Compatible with IPA and other cleaning solvents
  • Class 100 laundered and packaged
Product# 8744PKE4” x 4” ; 400 wipes per bag; 5 bags per case
Product# 8799PKE9” x 9” ; 150 wipes per bag; 6 bags per case