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Pres-N-Snap Tool

For attaching grounding snaps

ACL Staticide® offers the Hoover Pres-N-Snap tool as an effecient and foolproof way to attach 10mm snaps to ESD workbench table mats. Dissipative materials are not effective against eliminating static charges unless there is a path to ground. Adding a grounding snap to ESD rubber or vinyl allows a grounding point for connecting a grounding cable.

The professional-grade Pres-N-Snap tool allows fasteners to be set in just one squeeze for a safe and secure fit. There is no need to prepunch rubber or vinyl mats as the the Pres-N-Snap tool will automatically punch the material when attaching the fastener. Its heat-treated cast aluminum body makes the heavy duty tool lightweight and durables.

  • Includes attaching dies for 10mm snaps
  • Includes ten pairs of female sockets and eyelets
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum
  • Made in USA