ACL 8010 8025 3

Snap Fasteners

ACL Snap Fastener Kits provide a grounding point for rubber and vinyl static dissipative mats. Once the snap fastener is installed on the ESD mat, grounding cords equipped with a 10mm stud will clip into place.

For 2-layer mats, the flat eyelet base offers good contact with the bottom conductive layer. The middle post can accommodate mat thicknesses up to 3mm (0.118”).

Each kit comes with a matching eyelet for every 10mm socket. Compatible to use with 8802 Pres-N-Snap Tool.

  • 10mm female socket
  • 3.2mm (0.125") center hole in socket
  • Accomodates mat thicknesses up to 3mm
  • Matching eyelet
8010K10 Eyelets and 10 sockets
8025K25 Eyelets and 25 sockets