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Open Metal-In Static Shielding Bags

Quick and Easy Loading

ACL’s ESD-safe shielding bags protect sensitive components from electrostatic discharge. The static dissipative metalized bag is designed to act as a Faraday cage to shield static-sensitive electronic devices. The three-layer bag, comprised of static dissipative polyethylene (inner), aluminum (middle), and static dissipative polyester (outer), provides heavy-duty protection from damaging electrostatic discharge. While the low-charging inner and outer layers prevent tribocharging, when combined with the metal inner layer, a protective shield is created. ESD-sensitive materials can be stored or shipped in a static-safe environment.

Open-top ESD bags are effective for quick loading and emptying.

  • 2.8 mil thickness ±10% (according to ASTM D374)
  • Surface resistance (outside and inside)< 10e11 ohms (ANSI/ESD STM 11.11)
  • Static shielding <15nJ (ANSI/ESD-STM 11.31)
  • Meets ANSI/ESD S541
  • Metalized within layers
  • ESD awareness logo on every bag
  • Date-coded for traceability
  • RoHS compliant
MI232" x 3" ; 100 bags per pack
MI353" x 5" ; 100 bags per pack
MI464" x 6" ; 100 bags per pack
MI585" x 8" ; 100 bags per pack
MI686" x 8" ; 100 bags per pack
MI6106" x 10" ; 100 bags per pack
MI8108" x 10" ; 100 bags per pack
MI8128" x 12" ; 100 bags per pack
MI101210" x 12" ; 100 bags per pack
MI121612" x 16" ; 100 bags per pack
MI121812" x 18" ; 25 bags per pack
MI182418" x 24" ; 25 bags per pack