Staticide® Microfiber Cloth

Staticide® Microfiber Cloth

For Delicate Heavy-Duty Cleaning

The ACL Staticide® Microfiber Cloth provides superior cleaning performance for general applications where strength
and softness are required. The split-fiber construction allows more dirt, dust, and oil to be removed than traditional wipers.

Where some microfiber cloths have an unpleasant tactile drag, ACL Staticide® Microfiber Cloth feels unusually silky to touch. Surfaces remain unscratched when wiping with or without the use of chemicals.

For the best performance, soak cloth in water prior to initial use and allow it dry. For dusting, use dry. For cleaning, dampen with water. Avoid oversaturation. If using a cleaner, avoid detergents with bleach and abrasive materials like silica.

  • Size: 9” x 9”
  • Thickness: .45 mm
  • 75% polyester / 25% nylon
  • Ultra-low particle and fiber generation
  • Super soft material; does not scratch
  • Laser sealed edges for fiber and particle retention
  • Blue
Product# MFC172 wipes per case
Product# MFC2424 wipes per case