Anti-Static Wastebasket Liners

ESD Wastebasket Liners

For Static Dissipative Trash Cans

These roomy single-layer polyethylene anti-static trash can liners are humidity independent and amine-free. The average resistance of the liners is 1010 ohms. Static decay rate is less than two seconds.

Is your trash ESD safe? For more information regarding the importance of using ESD Trash Liners, see our blog for details.

  • Medium size 1.5 mil liner fits in 11-gallon containers like our 5075 Wastebasket. It comes in two colors (pink and black).
  • Extra large 2 mil liners fit in 40-45 gallon containers and available in pink.
  • Average resistance (RTT) is 10e10 ohms.
Product #5076Pink 24" x 33"; 50 per case
Product #5076BBlack 24" x 33"; 50 per case
Product #5078Pink 40" X 46"; 25 per case
Product #5078CPink 40" X 46"; 100 per case