ACL Hypoallergenic ESD Wrist Strap, 4mm

ACL Hypoallergenic ESD Wrist Strap, 4mm

Essential ESD Wearables

ACL adjustable Hypoallergenic Wrist Straps offer comfortable and secure personal grounding for working on electronics in EPAs all-day long. Once connected to ground, wrist straps provide a safe path for eliminating static charges.

The flexible, elastic crochet fabric with non-conductive outer lining and conductive inner lining ensures full contact around the wrist. Silver conductive fibers are interwoven for maximum conductivity and minimum skin irritation. The Premium Wrist Strap is equipped with a “flip and grip” buckle for secure adjustments. The buckle, made of static dissipative nylon, features a hypoallergenic plastic back plate and a 4mm stud. ACL’s wrist strap and cord systems offer one to five pounds of breakaway force.

ACL Wrist Straps are designed to be used with ACL cords. All parts are RoHS compliant.

  • Recommended for all-day wear
  • Lined with 10 rows of micro-threaded silver yarn
  • Interior resistance: ≤ 100 kohm @ 7-30v dc open circuit
  • Exterior resistance: ≥10 mohms @ 7-30v dc open circuit
  • 2.5 mm band thickness for added softness, security, and contact
  • Flat plastic buckle-back for anti-allergy insurance
  • Light blue
  • Use with 8107 Wrist Strap Cord
Product #8115Light blue