Heavy Duty Staticide Family of Products

Heavy Duty Staticide®

Eliminate Static on Carpets, Upholstery, & Fabrics

Heavy Duty Staticide® is a static control product that is ideal for eliminating static and preventing tribogeneration on carpets, upholstery, and fabrics. It is also appropriate to use in avoiding jamming or material slippage during printing, packaging, and converting. This solution can even be used as an aid to avert dangerous static-triggering situations such as the ignition of combustible vapors, dust, or solvents.

Ingredient Communication Statement

  • Water (7732-18-5) Solvent
  • Bis-hydroxyethyl Cocomonium Nitrate (71487-00-8) Anti-Stat
  • Isopropanol (67-63-0) Solvent
  • Cinnamal (104-55-2) Fragrance
Product #5204-oz bottle; 12 per case (finger-pump sprayer)
Product #20051-quart bottle; 12 per case (trigger sprayer)
Product #20021-gallon bottle; 4 per case
Product #2002-55-gallon pail
Product #2002-250-gallon drum