Posted on Wednesday 19th April, 2017

SpecMat-H: High Value at Lower Cost

Static dissipative worksurfaces are essential for any workbench where static control is desired. Commonly found in sensitive device manufacturing ESD-protected areas, ESD-safe materials come in a variety of types for a various applications.

But what if you are paying more for features you don’t need?

With so many choices on the market, it is hard to access what mat is most appropriate for a specific application. In high temperature soldering applications, rubber is ideal. If constant monitors are used, a 2-layer mat would be essential. However, if the application doesn’t require special mat properties, other than to be static dissipative, a single-layer vinyl mat might be the most appropriate choice. There is no need to pay for extra features!

SpecMat-H is a unique ESD-safe, thermoplastic vinyl mat that is made in the USA. Unlike some brands that are manufactured overseas, the SpecMat-H homogeneous material won’t lose its anti-static properties because it’s inherently dissipative through volume.

It is available in two thicknesses. The thicker material provides cushion for those seeking gentle support for static sensitive items. The thinner material offers the most economical price point for those needing an inexpensive tray or shelf liner. The material is soft enough to be cut with a sharp blade and scraps can be recycled.

As with all ACL Staticide static dissipative matting material, the SpecMat-H can be ordered in custom sizes and the electricals are warranted for the lifetime of the mat.


  • Made in USA
  • Dissipative resistance: measures 108 – 109 ohms when tested according to ANSI/ESD STM4.1
  • Single layer: two thicknesses available (0.10" & 0.06")
  • Electrical properties are warrantied for the lifetime of the mat

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