Posted on Tuesday 08th May, 2018

Improving Wrist Strap performance with ESD-safe Hand Lotion

ACL 7001 7001 S

As part of an ESD Control Program Plan, the ESDA recommends daily testing of wrist straps. When using an integrated checker such as the ACL 780 or 750 Economy Combo Tester, a wrist strap failure can arise from a number of variables such as a dirty cuff or improper wrist strap fit. Along with trouble-shooting grounding equipment, as the ESD Handbook TR20.20 points out in section 11.4, it is also important to consider whether dry skin is a factor in poor wrist strap contact.

Climate, weather changes, medications, and medical conditions can all be factors for dry skin and can lead to high resistance failures due to poor contact between the grounding device and the skin. A moisturizing lotion, such as the ACL Hi Tech Hand Lotion can improve wrist strap contact without interfering with production and ESD process requirements.

The ACL Hi Tech Hand Lotion formula is enhanced with aloe vera and vitamin E. As the lotion is absorbed into the skin, these moisturizing agents will help keep skin moist without transferring onto clothing, parts, or work surfaces. The ESD-safe fragrance-free formula has no corrosive contaminants that will interfere with manufacturing processes such as soldering, so it is completely safe to use in any EPA or electronic manufacturing environment.

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